Friday, April 12, 2013


First post to the family blog. Welcome :-)

365 more days until our cruise departs Miami on a journey that will take us to several Caribbean islands, and bring us back MARRIED! That's right, 368 days from now, we will be in St. Thomas (on Tax Day, nonetheless!) saying, "I Do" in front of several of our family and friends. Toes in the sand and rings on our hands!

Despite Carnival's series of unfortunate events lately, we couldn't be more excited. Or less stressed! Who would have thought planning a wedding would be so breezy. Brian's easy-going nature and my indecisiveness have made for quite the conundrum when narrowing down options for everything from "where should we go for dinner tonight" to "where should we go on our honeymoon". But for some reason, the details of the wedding have come very naturally. 2 days after returning from the cruise on which we got engaged, we determined a destination wedding would be great. Something I never before would have considered. I did talk through it aloud for a good 15 minutes, debating with my conscience, before I decided... why not?! We started researching right away and not even an hour later, selected our wedding cruise.

The cruise and wedding are booked, our photog selected and booked, and I've picked out the dress (and tried it on!)   My bridesmaids became official around Christmas and we're on a great track to finding them dresses. See the picks below for the Pinterest-inspired boxes I gave them to ask them to be my bridesmaids... I wrote them a poem, made them a blingy tank top, and tossed in a bottle of bubbly and flip-flops.

The poem had no typos... Unlike our Save the Dates. (For the records, Brian does NOT have a "blended" knee. We do enjoy a blended drink every now and then though!) I created them (wrote the poem myself, y'all!) on my Macbook Pro, a gift from Brian. I was just getting use to Apple products and, well, damn auto-correct! Spell check never caught it. But it was easy to laugh it off. Just one memory and piece of memorabilia to what has already been a fantastic ride for us and is only getting better! There's a link on our blog links for our wedding site if anyone is interested.